10 june

##etherbox group (0)
making an augmented apache index for media
care-work on the armonizing the writing styles, fixing links, images
file to help editing: template-styleguide http://etherbox.local/home/pi/etherdump/templatestyleguide.html
some work down for example on http://etherbox.local:9001/p/jean_huens.md
cristoph working on the latex to pdf
editing the pad is an open task. meditative markdown
dont clean double spaces at the end of lines, in the pads!!!

##somethinginthemiddlemaybe/sittinginthemiddleofaroom from luis
just lists all the network connections of the nodes that are connected
possibly include it in the toolbox on the etherbox?
maybe a manual about how to use it / what to use it for

starting with iconographic analysis of flow charts ( https://monoskop.org/Zenit )
lobserving an example of software to reverse engineer it - what is it like to be an elevator?+ becoming an elevator (bodypaint, dress)
as a field research.
software setup to switch on and off the elevator floors.  maybe bernhard siegert on doors is useful
f.ex comment live the elevator stages
reverse engineer a software into a flowchart
nasa flowcharts, empties out, reminds of zenithism, researching in these flows in poetry, to get to some visual indication. 
so the shapes without language already should inform in some ways on the functioning of something
cultural analysis of flow-chart symbols, and how the consensus around it arrives
+dictionary of symbols

##Networked Sundial Time Protocol or the End of Times 

workpad + inventory: http://etherbox.local:9001/p/TGSO-friday-clocks
script here: http://etherbox.local:9001/p/ends-of-time.md
and an essay: http://etherbox.local:9001/p/negotiating-time


Making a list of lists
UNIX time is ending!

A display with the unix clock ending
possibly interesting, google time?

##vocabulary group
Isabelle Stengers: Capitalist Sorcery

'there is no software', it only takes manipulation

operators are ways to manipulate words.
issue of instrumentality
"in" as in "in-side"

connection to the zenith group, around the tweaking action

power of naming and renaming

pad: http://etherbox.local:9001/p/vocabulary.md

when looking at the reader, the word "software" might slip the mind, and be filled in with the other words that circle around
when searching for "software" in manpages, it only appears in the context of licenses

history of software & IBM, there was a law case on the seperation on soft-/hardware. One of the texts in the reader refers to this. There is a lot of material finable on this case, could be a machine learning source?

using the terms in a sentence
creating and killing terms
killing the cloud

#self-revealing group/bridging dualism
hardware - software
make something poetic that looks at itself operating

dump memory of a computer 
promiscuous memory sharing
"one memory of the world"
how is memory accessed?

monster idea with tentacles that will have a manpage

it will bleed

#Becoming software / Agile Yoga
started from: what is software

possibility of staging

seeing images without seeing the infrastructure // http://roelof.info/radio_totem.png
scrum, sprint metaphor ...

agile yoga

relations to software: trying to guess what it is from partial understandings

fuzzy borders


computational methaphores are eating the world

cargo-cult observations

participative observation

how software produces people, like observation

# Intake scripts
distinction between experts and non-experts; people that consider themselves software experts don't see/know all about software

"software curious"
"citizen of software"

(disobedient) action based research

two stages
one for the clinic on Monday
and the other ranging over time after this worksession

-do observe interfaces, remove all textual content and see the layout of the interface design, a little bit like this project from grievink ;
there is some browser extension to do that, it is a kind of reverse-engineering interface method > see this extension Abstract Browsing built by Rafaël Rozendaal: http://www.abstractbrowsing.net/
easy with webdevelopertools in firefox, without external extensions. open with SHIFT+F4. with javascript, select all text areas, hide.
or even easier just with css: open tools> webdeveloper-> inspector , add the css line 
body *{
    text-indent: -9999px; 


People leaving give some parting observations...

Silvio + Hans + Joana
![Plot of the time of the etherbox when it starts up]( http://etherbox.local/home/pi/ends-of-times/plot.svg )

What process is "to blame" for your slow startup time?

![ssh asks for your time]( http://etherbox.local/home/pi/images/Screenshot_from_2017-06-10_172547.png )

Giving some meaning / emotion to the time of "nothing happening", the moment of pause when logging in to a service, a return to the experience of the body.

as a service?


suggestion of ways of put the glossary operators back in operation
Example of some possible output that alters a text based on the "vocabulary" of the guide 

there s a time keeper there should be a padkeeper as well

Agile Intake as a service
First, a scrum;
End with retrospective.