Some boundaries that appear to be fuzzy when we try to define them (appeared wed. // thurs.):
- fuzzy line between data and software
- fuzzy line between software and hardware
- tollerance to noise, software being less tollerant to changes. That was something that could define software from data.
- fuzzy line between software and signal (signal vs. noise)
- machine learning algorithm and the training data, adaptibility
- developer/
- forking (when does one software becomes another software?)
- Is a social network a piece of software?
- FPGAs and Hardware Definition Languages

- labor (is trainining an ML machine labor? "the reCATCHPA insight")
- process (Agile practices) "using" your users to define the requirements of the product (features in the product become defined by the feedback of the release cycle)
- services and agile processes collapsing the divide between production and  use
- Agile methodologies collapse product, labor and process.
- there is also the pain and labor that users bring to software that is rarely documented (e.g., activists using Signal) 
- thin / fat client software, where does it live?
- pocorgtfo   pdf is an executable is an image /

Appying agile: agile refers to a set of practices, a number of which needs to be adopted to qualify as an agile process.

Political Economy of Software Engineering 
- objective is not to define what is software, 

- it seemed obvious what is software, but it became more difficult

- methodology: we can apply extreme programming as a way to write together (XP ==> programming in pairs or doing extensive code review, unit testing of all code)
- yesterday we had these machines with different use, with the punch cards
- software engineering practices are spreading -> a managerial culture that is poisoning other practices...
- roles and labor relations very interesting

cargocult: by richard feynman         
- why did you think about cargo cult?
- what this guide would be
- cargocult: mistakes, can you see something where you don't see the infrastructure but just the gesture, people on the radio are talking with someone else
- unrelated

what are these things:

framing device: data vs. software, the roles (a taxonomy device) -- relates to identfifying obvious and less obvious forms of labor
cargocult: method of observation


asking what is software as a method?

terms relevant to describing software:
what are the economic forces acting upon software?

A qualifier like "good", "bad", "spy", "queer", "proletarian", "bourgeisoie" can help narrow down definitions.

What is not software?