Some boundaries that appear to be fuzzy when we try to define them (appeared wed. // thurs.): - fuzzy line between data and software - fuzzy line between software and hardware - tollerance to noise, software being less tollerant to changes. That was something that could define software from data. - fuzzy line between software and signal (signal vs. noise) - machine learning algorithm and the training data, adaptibility - developer/ - forking (when does one software becomes another software?) - Is a social network a piece of software? - FPGAs and Hardware Definition Languages

(FRIDAY) - labor (is trainining an ML machine labor? "the reCATCHPA insight") - process (Agile practices) "using" your users to define the requirements of the product (features in the product become defined by the feedback of the release cycle) - services and agile processes collapsing the divide between production and use - Agile methodologies collapse product, labor and process. - there is also the pain and labor that users bring to software that is rarely documented (e.g., activists using Signal) - comment based on a study of floss chat tools (secure messaging?) - thin / fat client software, where does it live? - pocorgtfo pdf is an executable is an image /

Appying agile: agile refers to a set of practices, a number of which needs to be adopted to qualify as an agile process.

Political Economy of Software Engineering - software engineering is an expensive process - Tom DeMarco: why does software cost so much? It mostly has to do with process. - study of linux kernel: how much did it cost? compensated through economies of scale - web development changed the landscape - more people joined the bandwagon: ex-yugoslavia a place where development gets outsourced to, also Russia and India (all hackers are Russian now, too) - when you establish a relationship of outsourcing

cargocult: by richard feynman
rituals that people look at
colonialist practice?
in polynesia: pacific islands that were occupied by americans
the planes used to bring cargo, wealth
so they built an airport out of wood and stuff that was laying around hoping that the planes would come back by replicating the form hoping that things will materialize peolpe being occupied, with no relationship with them that's maybe what you are referring to a metaphor in coputing: cargocult i don't know if this actually happened this came after feynman published an article that was called cargocult science just by following the formal aspects of scientific method, people expect their results to be scientific i am not sure if it happened due to something that happened in polynesia or because of feynman's storytelling burning man: cargocult

what are these things:

framing device: data vs. software, the roles (a taxonomy device) -- relates to identfifying obvious and less obvious forms of labor cargocult: method of observation


asking what is software as a method?

terms relevant to describing software: computing programming developing programming languages algorithms data... development processes roles architecture protocols

what are the economic forces acting upon software? how do you find out?

CARGOCULT PROPS: - coconut shells - cardboard laptops - candy wrappers - chewin gum as stickies - code reviews

A qualifier like "good", "bad", "spy", "queer", "proletarian", "bourgeisoie" can help narrow down definitions.

What is not software?