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_In the train!!!_

< http://pad.constantvzw.org/p/observatory.reader >  
< http://pad.constantvzw.org/p/observatory.programme >

**Seda Guerses**  
is interested in reflexive computer science how is reflexive different from Critical? (just curious in use of terms)  
facilitates conversations and acts as a translator between different disciplines and discourses  
what were you doing in new york? : i biked a lot / lived in harlem and loved that / made good friends  
what did you observe? : my head hurts when i think about software / what kind of assumptions do we have about software / divisions of labour / operator  / what does it mean to execute a program / can we only talk about software if it's automated / machine executed.  
tomorrow we're going to visit your office ? yes - Electrical Engineering Department / at KULeuven  (the former catholic university) -- is there hidden religious agenda / maredsous 1989   
you have a registered base pre-payed sim-card.  (just ACKed by SMS)  

**Martino Morandi**  
For Martino, from Luis: < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfYTZBJ2N9g >

**Femke Snelting**  
Q: What about you?  
A: Where to begin ..  
Q: Any opinion on Turings Entscheidungsproblem?  
A: Sigh.  
Q: (...)  

**Donatella Portoghese**  
Reserved the train car for us, amongst another thousand things, and is a museologist in training.

ask her anything on this:  
![Hollerith Machine]( http://etherbox.local/home/pi/images/wednesday/Hollerith_Maschine.jpg)   
Especially retro-standardization from American dollar to punch card to machine

**Mia Melvaer**  
has made a water fountain inside a water cooler

Hans Lammerant
Momentarily lost in time. In daily life hovering between the disciplines of law, statistics and philosophy, as well as between academic work, NGO work and productive idle time.

**Peggy Pierrot**  
Live in Brussels. Have hard times defining what i am doing. Please check previous versions of the pad. Sense8 fan. Thunderstorm asthmatic.  
> sens8 nèeds support!  - zB

**Kym Ward**  
I am doing this research at the minute on instruments of astrological/tidal/weather observation, and trying to chart/start different geneologies in preperation for the Observatory museum, I would be super interested in partipating.  

**Carlin Wing**  
lives in Los Angeles.  
knows Seda from New York.  
knows Michael only a few emails and hours. Is interestied in ping and pong - separately.  
is sometimes known as 'Carlin Bounce' because she researches bounce as a cultural technique and technology of interaction in different contexts from renaissance ball games and the development of modern sport to the use of bounce in animation to signify liveliness and in computing as a way of understanding signal and as a common sense of computer graphics.
Contact: carlinwing@gmail.com  

**Loup Cellard**  
I am a PhD student from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies < http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/cross_fac/cim/ > at Warwick Uni, UK. My PhD project is a critic of the concept of transparency in network culture. Consequently, I am interested in your workshop in order to find new sensitive way to investigate software. Among other things I am currently working on a media genealogy of transparency devices (report, platforms, API...), and a critique of the concept of transparency in computing and interface design theory. He is wearing on orange shirt.
Contact: loupcellard at gmail.com

**Zeljko Blace (z.Blace)**  
Interested in relations that one (or more) can have with/to software and how this changes along an axis (like Time) or mutiple dimensions (Popularity, Sustainability, Familiarity...).  
Especially into niche and non-normative perspectives, like QueerOS, but also into radical proposals of thinking what could be Proleterian Object in software terms.  
The tall guy in the crowd.  
> FS interested in finding a moment to do the 'crossing axis' exercise with you on births of software.
>> COOL FS. I start think of how to do this 

**Natacha Roussel**  
(joins Friday)

A Viannese computer artist building cool coin machines and other contraptions that would impress even Wallice (from Grommit). Was therefore intruiged today by the Bankomat/Bieromat.  
Created a punch-card font in bold with Manetta WOW. Where? Link?! 
![TGSO punch-card]( http://etherbox.local/home/pi/images/wednesday/P1040677.JPG)

is watching Twin Peaks. He saw already episode 1, 2, 3, .4 and 5.  -> just continue !!  - one question : where is Annie ?  
There is acutually a new season coming no ?  
"Howls are not what they sesemseamedsseseamesesess  
Andrea is already on season 3 oh I have to check this out   
And besides that.  
Although trained as graphic designer, since a few years my interests and practice expanded towards the study of literature and poetics.  
I am currently researching the notion of analogy between it's declination as a figure of speech and it's somehow broader, less considered, status as a powerful (and often problematic) conceptual framework, e.g. as a ground for both the conceptual and technical articulation of cybernetics. Throughout the work-session, I would be interested in exploring, amongst other things, possible nuances in processes of conceptualization and standardization of the software/hardware separation: what written and spoken narratives are at the basis of our understanding of these? What changes occurred on the level of written language, its representation both as script(code) and button(keybord)? What is the role of fiction as a methodology to expose software/hardware ideologies? 

**Silvio Lorusso**  
(Joins Friday)  
Coined a term! _Entrepecariat_ --  entrepeneur + precariat, pretty self-explanatory.
Designer without qualities. Mostly reading and writing about entreprecariat and bureaucreativity. Currently based in Rotterdam.

**Michael Murtaugh**  
Builds hybrid publishing toolchains, such as this one as alternative to conventional publishing methods.  
Teaches about this (among other things) at the Piet Zwart Institute.  
Takes many pictures of the Techno Galactic Software Observatory.  
Is fascinated by Loup's "never log off" laptop sticker. lol this is from a electronic musci collective, don't remember the name, but I have also a t-shirt !!! I use it as a pijama :)  
Made the etherbox!

**Christoph Haag**  
Q: What have you been observing today?  
A: I observed a lot of complexity, and a lot of observers. I am not sure what to make of that yet.  
Q: As a maker of bash publication workflows, what is your impression of the makefile system that was presented today?  
A: Hmmm. (...) It is pretty exciting, that it got so far from the promiscuous pipelines experiments we were doing.  
Q: What were those experiments?  
A: We were thinking of some alternative workflows for making publications during, not after workshops and events. Then the README was the biggest part of the workflow. Now a lot of these ideas seem to have been put in practice. But we will see!  
Q: How would we recognize you, Christoph?  
A: I am pretty much blending in.

**Pieter Heremans**  
Lives in Brussels in his own boat. You can find him around the canals of Schaarbeek. He doesn't like programming languages, they are so picky. He wouldn't mind some lebanese food right now. It seems that Michael knows, however, the better Lebanese at Chaussee de Mons. Latour is possibly the name of the restaurant that Michael says is the best. Good for desert.  
And he repairs his own slippers too (exeptionally, size 45). They were not used although from the flea market, they had a production fault which is by now mitigated.  
He didn't expect to see the Hollerith machine, and thanks to the patent in our amazing reader, he was able to deduct a little how it works.  
The operator as software for these machines seems to be worthy of further exploration.  
He used to play around with technology, working with artists and asking strange questions: what do I want to do, what do the artists want to do? That means that you have to dig down in the thing and find other ways around.  
So, for him, it is not just about observations but there is often a goal associated with his endeavors. He is "software curious".  
For him, writing encryption algorithms are no big deal.

**Lonneke van der velden**  
(Joins Sunday)  
It is a very good researcher on surveillance issues from what I remember, from Amsterdam

**Joana Chicau**
(Joins Friday)  
I am a media designer and performer; very interested in choreographic processes, movement and embodiment.  
< http://jobcb.github.io/ >

**An Mertens**  
Writer and member of Algolit. Colaborates with Manetta to develop a book on the voice of language analysis computer models.  

**Freyja van den Boom**

**Jogi Hofmueller**  
many years ago tried to hack a card for making (photo?)copies that had a strip of magnetic tape by attempting to play the tape as an audiotape. It did not work. But was a nice idea. :-)  
wrote a script that makes a simple gallery page from all the uploaded pictures: < http://etherbox.local/home/pi/etherdump/gallery.html >
p: +43 676 341 21 98
e: jogi@mur.at
w: < http://thesix.mur.at/ >
pgp: 57471A18781241D7537355D191A5E169AA6A22D9

**Manetta Berends**  
Will want to talk to Anita, about  
![Hollerith Machine]( http://etherbox.local/home/pi/images/wednesday/Hollerith_Maschine.jpg)   
did speak about assembly code with her. Is interested in language-as-an-interface, as a metaphor for programming/computing.  
Questions if assembly language is the lowest code written in human language? And how human language is an interface that shapes the idea of software? How does it shape the user? User? Person? Interpreter? How is using software a performative act that changes every time someone uses software, like happens when reading a text?

**Anne Laforet**  
Fav food: Parmiggana! Curious about fantasies about software, what she thought she knew about software had been recently challenged by a collective work on a server and questions about software that "works" as opposed to experimental way of working inspired by the likes of Constant.  
which was the collective ?  in france there is this collective -- are y

**Michaela Lakova **  
She is asking what she should write about others.  
Questions such as; how to collaboratively investigate into 'software as a concept, as a practice, and as a set of paradigms' have a strong influence and resonance in my own practice and research framework.  
In the past I have participated in three sessions organized by Constant (Are you being served? / Jonctions 14, Relearn 2014 and Booksprint / Are you being served publication/) for me all these sessions had led to valuable input where an actual hands on and project development mee in-dept reflection on the role of software and its diverse set of practices and paradigms. Personally one of the most valuable outputs is the conversation(s) and exchange of practices and knowledge among participants that occur. With all this in mind, I believe I can contribute to the Techno-Galactic Software Observatory session by bringing my own experience and artistic (&some coding) practice.

**Peter Westenberg**  
is observing the others with his camera!  
what camera? fujifilm x-t10

**Becky Kazansky**  
Researcher with the DATACTIVE project at U of Amsterdam, on the 'politics of big data according to civil society'. Her PhD is about security/privacy practices to resist surveillance and data analysis.

**Ruben van de Ven**  
is writing about others.  
is interested in software that reads facial expressions as expressions of (degrees of) emotions.  
what does it mean to be 25% sad? -> 99% lol  
He was recently exhibiting in Vienna. I have seen there his work about emotions and facial expression. Very interesting.  
Developed Emotion Hero, an eye-opening, face-twisting mobile game, as a way to showcase his research into facial emotion recognition.  

**Cristina Cochior**
(Joins Sunday)  
Lately I've been paying attention to the software used by local councils to implement open data, specifically CKAN (see < https://ckan.org >). this  is from OKFN right ? (yes) I am interested in the narratives that are generated from counting and measuring*, *which are more and more employed by governmental bodies in decision making processes, (things like evidence-based policy making ? ) but also I am interested in the act of making this data public and what that means in an ideological framework. Seeing as desperate times call for desperate measurements, this topic seems very timely.  
Nice subject, I am studying also this kind of thing, more the attempts of public institutions to be transparent 

**Ricardo Lafuente**  
**Ana Isabel Carvalho**  
A graphic design power-couple working (exclusively) with open software as the Manufactura Independente design research studio. Very active in the Libre Graphics community - they (used to? yes) publish the Libre Graphics magazine. Currently the Porto devision of Journalism++, data journalism.  
We have a couple of pen plotters and like to fiddle with them, a couple of Git repositories too.  
We enjoy doing -- bitmap type design workshops using GitLab and ASCII art -- open data activism and open-ended civic tech (public data as source material for speculative ends, not just social action) -- F/LOSS-based alternative publishing workflows -- silly tiny unpublished comics -- coming up with good soup recipes -- making playlists  
We had a hackerspace in Porto and we miss it a lot  
We can improvise in Spanish and French  

**Larisa Blazic** _goes by Lara_  
in recovery. Member of Autonomous Tech Fetish, collective engaged in the connection between technology and politics . Re-emerging artist.  
no premeditated agenda but opening up conversations about software : aesthetic, political, cultural, economic aspects of software. after software studies hiatus interested whether there's a bridge between conventional software development and more experimental approach.  
have you been to bxl before?  
1/ passing by on my way to Maastricht  
2/ visiting femke & peter  / libregraphics  
3/ visiting wnedy during fosdem  
and you like them \o/ and miss them  
she's pad curious  

**Lidia Pereira**  
(Joins Sunday)  
Leads the Immaterial Labour Union (< https://ilu.servus.at/ >), publishing a zine on politics of social media and communication  

**Luis Rodil-Fernandez**  
Based in Amsterdam. I try to teach as I learn.  
I obsess about the body and the way that the use of machines leave an imprint in it, often in the form of damage or injury. interesting. my next project will be about injury and rehabilitation. have you made specific works (wearables) that look at these kinds of lasting impressions?  yup < http://www.derfunke.net > has some stuff and < http://www.computationalsomatics.net > contains some old ravings about my early research. thank you! it's all a bit oldish but you can talk to me IRL  
I hack for media development organizations and other security-sensitive outlets.  
I like octopi.  
I like some humans some of the time.  
I automate what I can and loose sleep over what I can't, so you are likely to find me up late at night.

pgp .:. 97E6 174C 1547 8FDC 42E5 86AA 4BB7 65C7 4686 B55C
signal .:. +31 614 65 85 79

**Wendy Van Wynsberghe**

**Edward Clive**  
does carpentry and/on videos and is going to build the paperclip computer!
Along with Kym, my partner, and some other artists we are in the process of converting/modernising an old Observatory into anarts research center - come visit!  
(where is it?) Liverpoool  
how can we visit?


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