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*what is software?
--the unix filesystem says: it's a file
----what is a file?
----in the filesystem, if you ask xxd:
------ it's a set of hexadecimal bytes
-------what is hexadecimal bytes? 
------ -b it's a set of binary 01s
----if you ask objdump
-------it's a set of instructions
--side channel researching also says:
----it's a set of instructions
--the computer glossary says:
----it's a computer's programs, plus the procedure for their use http://etherbox.local/home/pi/video/A_Computer_Glossary.webm#t=02:26
------ a computer's programs is a set of instrutions for performing computer operations
*what is a flowchart?
--a flowchart is a graphic version of a program, in which symbols are used to represent oerations
------ where are 

abstraction layers from file to physical disc.
a file( if you ask ls -i)
-- is a set of bytes on the hard drive addressed by an inode.
---- an inode is located in the beginning of a blockgroup where the file is located
---- an inode is linking to a certain portion of a hard drive. ( a selection of blocks)
------ a block is a selection of bytes hold in some sector in the hard drive
-------- a sector, asking the LBA, is a continuous list
---------- an LBA sector refers back to a Cilinder-Head-Sector partitionining of the hard drive 
------------ cilinder head sector points to actual 0s and 1s in the harddrive
-------------- 0s and 1s in the disk are magnetic fields impressed on a physical disc


each layer of abstraction addresses the malfunctionings and the grey areas that fall out some model, to offer a smooth surface to act for the next layer of abstraction
so when something is misread in the hard drive, for example, it gets dealt with at a lower level than the runnoing program