# Etherbox Manual

An interview with etherbox: <http://www.aprja.net/interview-with-an-etherbox>

## Manual to the guide

Markdown: <https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/wiki/Markdown-Cheatsheet>  
**A MAKE FILE is not a cms!**  
executable notebook  
recipes for things that can be made f.ex. dump  
`make dump`: each file of etherpad is saved in different formats

This page as a PDF: <http://etherbox.local/home/pi/etherdump/toc.pdf>

make file is executed every 5 minutes, overriding older versions.  
using tool called 'pandoc' (uses Latex)  
creates automatic index based on Markdown hierarchy  
using existing tools to make a modular workflow that can be interfered with.  

you can create new pages in 'name filter' box on <http://etherbox.local/home/pi/etherdump/_index.html>  

using magic markup n.o. publish means the page will not be archived or included in generated pages. (will this page be non-published now? ah. yes! euh ... do we need 'noetherpad' markup?!)

> etherpad is a stream of keystrokes, each annotated with timestamp and author

the local server is also a file server: click _home_, there is a folder _books_, where you can drag-and-drop your files in <http://etherbox.local/home/pi/books/>

**Combining files/pads, making assemblages!**

producing combined pdf of different files / publishing mode :-) --- super trooper!  
Scrapbook PDF: <http://etherbox.local/home/pi/etherdump/scrapbook.scrp.pdf>  
is the results of this pad: <http://etherbox.local:9001/p/scrapbook.pdfsrcs>  
is also a way to bring pictures in!

So another way to think about the ToC is as a list of possible pads

You can contribute in different ways:

  * write text
  * write make files
  * change source files (for example the makefile)
  * do MD (markdown)

How/where to run commands?  
The Makefile is not a pad, but it could be.  
Might be good to make make-file more rigid

How to run the Makefile?  
Terminal access through ssh is possible. It is a way to log into the pi and run the scripts.  
user = pi, password=raspberry  
`$ ssh pi@etherbox.local`
`$ make`

to try this out yourself:  

1. create a pad test.md  
2. wait 5 mins  
3. go to test.pdf  
4. check.  
5. If the result is not what you expect, in the home folder, there is cron.log.txt, for when something goes wrong  
6. <http://etherbox.local/home/pi/cron.log.txt>

Mind the convention to name Pandoc-PDF files: filename.p.pdf

The working makefile is here:  

IF AN ERROR OCCUR, the LOG flie is here: