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**Desription:** Lock at the entrance downstairs. Service providers point people to right elevator.

* Hand SCPs a menu of services

## II. Elevator Experience

**Description:** SCPs experience the elevator service. Those not making use of the service may study the Service Menu.

- What is it like to be a elevator? Service performed by Joseph

## III. Intake desk

**Description:** Intake of all Software Curious People (SCP) by Intake as a Service. The intake service is set up in the hallway, including a desk, two seats for service providers, two screens, and a waiting room (pictures on the walls, reading material on small table). Screens put high on a table are intended to obstruct the interaction between SCP and Intake Service Providers as is typical at service desks around the globe.

### Intake

- Preparations for Service providers: open the etherpad. On your external screen, open a tab for each service. Make a copy of the SCP template somewhat that is convenient for you to cut and past from. You can find the SCP template here < http://etherbox.local:9001/p/SCP.alisphacker.md >
        - If the etherbox is not available, revert to paper template.

- Read welcome script ---

        Welcome, software curious person.

        How would you like to be referred to for the duration of your visit to the clinic? This will be referred to as your software curious persona, or SCP.

- Write down name, check spelling.

        We are going to ask you a few questions to make your visit as pleasant as possible... We will take down some notes of your answers. These notes will be recorded in a file that you will receive a copy of upon your outtake. This file will allow the service providers at the clinic to provide you with the most tailored service possible. It's going to be completely anonymous and de-dentified, and is intended only to provide you with the smoothest SCP experience possible. You may make changes to or delete your file at the Outtake and Printer Services.

* **If the SCP agrees, create a pad.**
        *  naming convention: SCP.<username/groupname>.md
        *  paste template from < http://etherbox.local:9001/p/SCP.seda.md > to the pad
        *  enter SCP person's of group's chosen name in the field Software Curious Person

* **If the SCP disagrees to have a file and they have a computer:**
        * Show them the etherbox and ask them to co-document service visits. Send them to a service of their choice to log their activities!

* **Else:** if none of the above (including etherbox is down), give people papers to capture observations on and ask them to deliver observations to Outtake Services.

        Do you know what software situation you would like to explore today?

* **Document Situation:**
        * Situation: short header for the situation
        * Description of Situation at Hand: in an interview format inquire about the situation and type up as many details of the situation as possible, this will be used by service providers.

* **Identify the service that the SCP will be forwarded to.** The SCP will come back to the Intake room again if they want to go to another service. Confirm service and enter into the template. (See below for negotiation of services)
                * Directed to Services: list of services the SCP is forwarded to.

* **Negotiate time using "planning poker".** Announce an explain planning poker.
        *         Total Time Available: Ask SCP to write on a paper how much time they have to address their situation. Put this paper face down on the table.
        * Estimated Time for Service: Intake service provider writes on another paper how long they think it will take for the SCP to complete the selected service. Put this paper face down on the table.
        * Unveil the cards to see the estimates and to discuss and negotiate the time the SCP will have with the selected service provider.

* **Discuss desired outcome of service visit:** Ask what would be a desirable outcome with respect to the situation at hand, document this in the appropriate template field. Consider the time decision given this new information.

* **Identify Service to direct SCPs**

                Do you want to make use of our services?
                May I provide you with the following menu of services?

- **If SCP wants to to make their own selection** simply use the service menu
- **IF SCP has specific goal, but not sure which service**, negotiate a service
- ** Some idea, not very clear** provide guidance through personas
        * I have a device with me which I have questions about (?) (((where do these people go??)
        * I am curious about the future of software curiosity (fortune telling)
        * I am curious about how data travels from place to place (something in the middle maybe)
        * I am curious about how to change my relationship with my device (nannyware)
        * I am curious about my relationship to time (wtc time///maybe someone can explain what WTC time is and show it)
        * I am curious about how interfaces work (Interface detournement)
        * I am curious about how to file away my problems (File therapy)
        * I am curious about how to move my body the way software moves itself (agile yoga)
        * I am curious about what is software (Relational software observatory Consultancy service (RSOCS)
        * I am curious about becoming an elevator

ex: Mary from North America who has a Mac and is having problems with Etsy
Mohammed from the ME that is having problems with his oppressive government monitoring his old windows machine
My mom ... my best friend

* **VERY IMPORTANT: COMPLETING INTAKE** If etherpad is up and you made an SCP file, drop the SCP file url into the pad of the SCP's assigned service (to allow for service to see who is coming, "ah you must be")


* Techno-tantra: Breathing exercise to steel yourself for software encounter (and stuffy room). Now, let's look at  the screen together (Tantra facilitator: rotating) https://www.doyouyoga.com/10-awesome-gifs-for-calm-breathing-59450/
action: one intake manager guides the SCP towards the star, where they are greeted by another intake manager and welcomed.

                Welcome to the breathing station, where we provide a final preparation service for your software encounters by syncing your body to the rhythm of a software and by modulating your oxygen level intake requirements to the oxygen availability of our service facilities.
                May I have your SCP, please?
                Please place your palm on the laptop, right here.
                Now just wait one moment while I pull up our breath syncing service
                Now what you see here is a dynamically breathing shape, (which evokes the production processes of software)
                Please place your other palm on your belly, right here (points at diaphragm)
                Now as the shape folds out and expands, take a deep breath starting from the bottom of the diaphram. Notice your diaphram expand against your hand.
                And as the shape contracts down into a smaller shape, let the breath go, from the top of your lungs, all the way down to your diaphragm.
                Wonderful. Now please repeat this process nine times.
                Wonderful. Now that you have modulated your oxygen intake and synced your body properly, you are ready to continue on your service path. Please follow the correctly collored path.

## IV. Service Delivery

**Description:** Services receive SCPs, log activities in SCP files and ask SCPs to return to intake after service delivery.

## V. Outtake/Retrospection

**Description:** This is where SCPs complete their use of the Walk-In Clinic. Retrospection booth will ask SCPs:

* document highlights of their visit
* document experiences of Agile Yoga and the Divination Machine
* ask them if they want to amend, edit or delete their file, give them an opportunity to do so.
* print out the SCPs file + the descriptions of all the services.