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Warning: DirtyDB is used. This is fine for testing but not recommended for production. -- To suppress these warning messages change suppressErrorsInPadText to true in your settings.jsonRetrospective / Take Out 

This service verifies whether your expectations are being met. If so, we provide you with your official record and you are ready to leave the clinic. 

Service time: 10 min 

**Description:** This is where SCPs complete their use of the Walk-In Clinic. Retrospection booth will ask SCPs:

* ask the person for scp-file, find md on etherbox
* type their impressions:
    ### Evaluation
* ask them if they want to amend, edit or delete their file, give them an opportunity to do so.
* generate pdf:
* print out the SCPs file pdf
* have them sign/stamp their print file
* hand out  the descriptions of all the services.
* ask them to get print out of the printer