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### Service Name: Flow of the chart - chart of the flow on demand!

you with one and only personalized flow chart & chat for your
human-machine situation!

Duration: 15mins

SCP Coming in:
SCPs served (Please move SCP from incoming to here):
    ### Service Log
    Microsoft word copy/paste situation
    Machine or human situation: uninstall and reinstall, 6 months later the situation repeated
    it's uncertain, but looks like machine situation as client tried. 
    Process: back up files, obtain a copy of OS of choice and then reinstall word.
    Feeling angry
    More info - Rafaella flowchart pic
    ### Service Log
    SCP: Robotnik
    See pic
    ### Service Log
    SCP: Gijs OSP
    Informed user of Constant galaxy
    Prepared for the session, thought about tools 
    Reimplementation of OSP kit
    Develoipng an api
    Flow of the city - rules of the city
    Personal layout - how this can become relevant to other people
    Human situation
    Uncertain & anxious feelings - personal megalomania
    user fedback, understand the core approach while changing relationship with software in development
    Decision on targeted audience
    More info - Gijs flowchart pic
    ### Service Log
    Legal situation - release&archiving of metadata
    advice -> creatvie commons
    see flowchart pic
    ### Service Log
    Loup - generaly, maybe even too cirious - less flow, there's an overflow!!!