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- smaller table DONE

- print out of the script
- print of service menu
- print out of software curiosities

- remove consent ? everything is anonymized -> Becky?

- we need a second screen for the people working as intake -> FEMKE
        - open on this screen all the services in tabs so that you can easily cut and past the url of the SCP
- change order: if lots of people come, send them to the waiting room and agile yoga -> DONE
- planning poker: negotiating time, we need props: little papers and pen to write estimates
- we don't yet have a protocol and have not yet rehearsed the outtake
- intake training seems to be necessary: we need volunteers.

FEMKE makes the print out and sets up her computer for this.
AN looks over wheter all the short and long descriptions are there
SEDA: bring little projector


## I . Lock at the entrance downstairs: so that people find the right elevator
## II. Elevator Experience

## III. Intake desk 
- hallway
- waiting room with fountain and literature (reader, books)
- interfering large screen, person hidden behind screen
### A. 

1. Welcome script: 

If Yes:
* TODO: , create a pad. 

If No??
* TODO: what to do with people opting out?
* Identify Type of SCPs: based on what they need
#### May I provide you with the following menu of services
* Discuss and choose service???
* Start Planning poker : estimating how much time the process may take
* Confirm service choice
### B .  

* Techno-tantra: Breathing exercise to steel yourself for software encounter (and stuffy room) . Now, let's look at  the screen together ( Tantra facilitator: rotating ) https://www.doyouyoga.com/10-awesome-gifs-for-calm-breathing-59450/
action: one intake manager guides the SCP towards the star, where they are greeted by another intake manager and welcomed. 

Script: welcome to the breathing station, where we provide a final preparation service for your software encounters by syncing your body to the rhythm of a software and by modulating your oxygen level intake requirements to the oxygen availability of our service facilities.
May I have your SCP, please? 
Please place your palm on the laptop, right here. 
Now just wait one moment while I pull up our breath syncing service
Now what you see here is a dynamically breathing shape, (which evokes the production processes of software)
Please place your other palm on your belly, right here (points at diaphragm)
Now as the shape folds out and expands, take a deep breath starting from the bottom of the diaphram. Notice your diaphram expand against your hand.
And as the shape contracts down into a smaller shape, let the breath go, from the top of your lungs, all the way down to your diaphragm. 
Wonderful. Now please repeat this process nine times. 
Wonderful. Now that you have modulated your oxygen intake and synced your body properly, you are ready to continue on your service path. Please follow the correctly collored path. 

### IV. Service

### V. Ou t take
+ document experiences of Agile Yoga and the Divination Machine
+ possibility to allow SCPs to add to their own SCP template

Print Out on the wall next to Outtake service:
How to access your SCP -> FEMKE

can you tell us what was a highlight of your visits in the clinic?
Print the log (Femke brings printer & long usb cable)
Intimate Reflection
Thank you for using our services.

1. The person wants to come to closure. Check the SCP. Are there logs? Regardless, send them to work at the terminal (invitation, says Femke)
2. Exit Status: are we done, experience?
3. Can this file be published? Would you like your SCP file to be deleted? (if yes, then the print out says "Your file has been deleted")


##Open Questions:
    - where do we do retrospective?
    - make a service menu


menu of services
choose a service
create template for SCP
link SCP to services of interest
print out SCP template

elements of the scrum

stand-up meeting --> salutation to the sun
burn-down charts --> burn-down carbs
planning poker --> ????
backlog --> ???
sprint -->
definition of done -->
velocity -->
spike -->
tracer bullet -->

fulfillment you get in an agile environment

Intake (and outtake?) (and template?)


Agile Yoga

Arrows of flow charts - Geometrical shapes and historical use of them

Corporate shrine

Androgogy: how we facilitate learning processes with the clinic attendees

Observation and learning
the role of mistakes

Mistakes - What kind of things do we put in the template?


They inform each other
How do we make people present their problem

Do we take them in in ones or twos or threes
How to start a conversation?
Who is the audience?
Software curios people coming without a clear question
- would people come without a problem? 

Prefering 2-3 people to engage people in a conversation

Can we have activities?
- introducing a flowchart if there is not a specific peoblem?
different ways to do intake depending whether they have issues or not

have a look at the template : http://etherbox.local:9001/p/SCP.alisphacker.md
What (is your problem, desire)

How long (agile yoga?)

What is an acceptible output?

Acceptence test-driven development

Story test-driven development

There is :

But what goes where?