The hand which holds your mouse everyday hides many secrets. Visit the Future Blobservation Booth to have your fortunes read and derive life insight from the wisdom of software.

a test user, all tests clear and systems are online a user who said goodbye to us another user a user who thought it'd be silly to say thank you to the machine but thank you very much another kind user who said thank you yet another kind user another user, no feeback a nice user who found the reading process relieving yet another kind user a scared user! took the hand out but ended up trusting the system. "so cool thanks guys" another user a young user! this is a funny computer 15:35 another nice user 15:40 another nice user 15:47 happy user (laughing) 15:51 user complaining about her fortune, saying it's not true. Found the reading process creepy but eased up quickly 15:59 another nice user: http://etherbox.local:9001/p/SCP.sedyst.md 16:06 a polite user 16:08 a friendly playful user (stephanie) 16:12 a very giggly user (wendy) 16:14 a playful user - found the reading process erotic - DEFRAGMENTING? NO! Thanks Blobservation http://etherbox.local:9001/p/SCP.loup.md 16:19 a curious user 16:27 a friendly user but oh no, we had a glitch and computer crashed. But we still delivered the fortune. We got a thank you anyway 16:40 a nice user, the printer jammed but it was sorted out quickly 16:42 another nice user 16:50 nice user (joak) 16:52 yet another nice user (jogi) 16:55 happy user! (peter w) 16:57 more happy user (pierre h) 16:58 another happy user 17:00 super happy user (peggy) 17:02 more happy user