File therapy

The most recent text for public use is here: http://etherbox.local:9001/p/

Script for Your problem is a file!
For the Desk Intake: Do you have software problems: is it a file? // can you write it into a file???
For the Service Intake: Pick a file together

Possible problems:
    forgetting password
    (dis)organising files
    psychological effects of messy desktops / computer problems

How do we deal with it
- ritualize the process (urban 'magician'/medium practices)
- take inspiration from colour therapy / sound therapy/mindless mindfulness? Agile Yoga?

>complex pixel surgery: identifying the pixel problem, extirpating it, restoring&(eventually returning the file to the owner)
>sound therapy
>regression therapy: renarrating traumatic software experiences through pixel rearrangement
>blood letting: Put everything into a file and delete it (Think about problems recovery system>what happens after the deletion?)
>Send to desktop logistics/cleaning service 

During the treatments people get an explanation of the various translations.

What to give people as a take away?
> printed image of the file
> sound file

Why is it a critique?
- Unix philosophy everything is a file
- challenging the idea of fixing (cause/effect)
- making software problems more tangible through transformation

    - At least two computers, one of them must be able to work with both printer & speakers
    - USB stick
    - Speakers
    - Printer


usb stick
-- find some therapeutical packaging (stick the feather on the USB)
-- write bash script to print text on terminal when USB is plugged in +
-- script to print pixels from a file (eventually when USB is plugged in) first page, with pixels seeable by hand
convert -size 16x16 -depth 8 gray:FILE_TO_THERAPIZE output.gif
-- decide on the message displayed when USB is plugged in

audio sonification
-- how to make into a relaxing drone

-- which problems become files?
Network problems: via networkconfiguration files
Desktop managing: turn all files into one

run script when usb is plugged in