File therapy

Do you have software concerns that regard a specific file? Through this service you can experiment with various therapeutic forms. Turn your software anguish into a takeaway file.


15 minutes


Do you encounter software problems or do you have concerns about particular files? Through this service you can experiment with various therapeutic forms. Our therapeutic approach is inspired by the unix file system paradigm in which every component of a computer can be represented by a file, be it your hard drive, memory or sound card. Going together through the affordances and limitations of such a paradigm, we hope to provide a more intimate access to your software. Wheter it is about specific problematic situations with your computer, or to address a general curiosity about filesystems, we will take you by the hand through an extensive intake. * First we will discuss your interest or your problem, to try and pick a file that speaks of your concern. For example, if you experience problems with connecting to the network, we can take a networkconfiguration file. Or maybe you have already a file in mind that you find concerning. * Then you transfer the file to our dedicated usb stick and we will inspect it on our computer. * During the inspection you will get an explanation of the various translations which happen to the file. * On the basis of (initially) a visual inspection, we wll discuss which measures should be taken. Can we intervene in the file, provide some "pixel surgery" and provide you with a restored version? Or do we need to move forward to more meditative treatments such as sound therapy? * We hope that our service will shift your perspective on your situation by experiencing how files look like in a different environment.