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repository issues - they are very obscured decisions are being made for her by the OS she is using (LINUX)

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obscurity and power issues

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yoga blobservation booth SITMM

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Something In The Middle Maybe (SiTMM)

Nice discussion of different software/package repos, systemd and devuan.

Rsoc - Relational software observatory Consultancy service

Wendy is our patient zero.


...wendyAsExperiencedAdventerousUSER - experiments with software every two days as she uses FLOSS and Gnu/Linux, cares the most for maliabity of the software - as a result she has big expectations of flexibility even in software category which is quite conventional and stability focused like file-hosting. ...wendyAsAnInevstorInSoftware - paid compiled version of FLOSS audio software 5 years ago as she is supportive of economy and work around production, maintainance and support, but she also used closed hardware/software where she had to agree on licences she finds unfair, but then she was hacking it in order to use it as an expert - when she had time.
...wendyAsCommunicationSoftwareUSER - she is not using commercial social networks, so she is very concious of information transfers and time relations, but has no strong media/format/design focus.

Advise to: - collectivise research around hacking to save time - self-articulate software needs as her own Operating (system) perspective - change the lense by looking to software through time perspective


first recollection

ms dos in 1990 at school _ i was 15 or 16. oh no 12. Basic in 1986. #what are the emotions related to it fun. i'm good at this. empowering ### how often do you/when did you purchase software or pay software service? i pay for ardour five years ago. I paid the developper directly. for the compiled version. I paid for the service. i pay my website and email service at domaine public.


What kind of user would you say you are?

experienced user drawing out the line. i don't behave. ### Is there a link between this and your issue even if it's been floss there is a lot of decision power in my package. ### What is your most frequently used type of software? browser. email. firefox & thunderbird ### How often do you install/experiment/learn new software? every two days. i reinstall all the time. my old lts system died. stop being supported last april. It was linux mint something. ### do you know about scripting ? i do automating scripts for any operation i have to doi several times like format conversion. ### Can you talk about your most technical encounter with your computer / telephone ? i've tried to root it. but i didn't succeed. ### how much time do you wish to spend on such activities like hacking, rooting your device hours. you should take your time ### did you ever sign licence agreement you were not agree with? how does that affect you. this is the first thing your when you have a phone. it's obey or die.


What is the software feature you care for the most ?

maleability. different ways to approach a probleme, a challenge, an issue. ### Do you use any free software ? yes. there maybe some proprietary driver. ### do you remember your first attempt at using free software and how did that make you feel? yes i installed my dual boot in ... 10 years ago. scared and powerful. ### do you use one of this software service : facebook, dating app (grindr of sort), twitter, instagram or equivalent. google, gmail that's it ### Can you talk about your favorite apps or webtools that you use regularly? music player. vanilla music and f-droid. browser. i pay attention to clearing my history, no cookies. I also have iceweasel. Https by default. Even though i have nothing to hide.


What stories around contracts and administration in relation to your software internet or computer ?

nothing comes to my mind. i'm not allowed to do, to install on phone. When it's an old phone, there is nothing left that is working you have to do it. ### How does software help you shape your relations with other people ? it's a hard question. if it's communication software of course it's it's nature to be related to other people.there is an expectency of immediate reply, of information transfer...It's troubling your relation with people in certain situations. ### From which countries does your softwares live / is coming from? How do you feel about that? i think i chose the netherlands as a miror. you are hoping to reflect well in this miror. ### Have you ever read a term of software service that is not targeting american market? i have read them. no.

"What is it like to be an elevator?"

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