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What would be a outcome:

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Fortune Telling

Something in the middle maybe

Interface Detournement

Agile Yoga

File therapy

Relational software observatory Consultancy service (RSOCS) - RSOCS interview


What kind of user would you say you are?

What is your most frequently used type of software?

is it a type of software ?

How often do you install/experiment/learn new software?


what is your first recollection of your software use ?

how often do you/when did you purchase software or pay software service ?


What is the software feature you care for the most?

Do you use free software ?

do you remember your first attempt at using free software ?

do you use one of this software service : facebook, dating app (grindr of sort), twitter, instagram or equivalent.



What stories around contracts and administration in relation to your software internet or computer ?

How does software help you shaperelations with other people ?

In which countries do your softwares live ?

have you ever read a term of software service that is not targetting american users ?