### Name of the Software Curious Person:


### Situation:
have explored already two experiments: blobservation and agile yoga. time for only one more. 
was fun. now sending her to file repair station. 

### Description of situation at hand:

### Directed to Services:


### What would be a outcome:

she has been a bit caught up on the way. might need some more fun but don’t really have much time. 

### File therapy
Stephanie doesn’t have a problem, but would like to become more intimate with a 3D ultrasound of her baby :-) Since the file philosophy also applies to non-problems, this is a welcome case. After a few professional hiccups, we open the file. The first therapeutic technique is the familiar X-ray. We print the X-ray. Lidia explains the human readable text. This is familiar to Stephanie, the text looks very similar to how her daughter is currently writing on the computer. We play the sound of the file, it is soothing. Stephanie is also a doctor, she has suggested a new technique: keyboard therapy. Lidia tries it and she feels calmer.