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### Situation:

### Description of situation at hand:
One thing I am interested in is my relationship to software. Sometimes I feel quite insecure about my capacity to change it and make decisions and it gets combined with some laziness. I feel a tension between my laziness and the work that it would take to be in a health relationship with my software. 

More technically, I am interested in how things bounce around in computer systems. I am not sure if these two things are relted, but I hope continuous integratio n will help me.

### Directed to Services:
    Agile Sun Salutation

### Total time available:

### Estimated Time for service:

### What would be a outcome: 
    I have no idea. I don't believe in resolution. Maybe a better capacity to hold the contradictions.

### Evaluation
yes, visit helped
saying out loud always helps
agile yoga helped: humourous, she likes sports metaphors, would have liked to be it more physical
enjoyed synchronizing breathing

RSOC: where I spent my time, in-depth process
only scratched the surface of situation, but was a good start

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# Something In The Middle Maybe (SiTMM)

# Rsoc - Relational software observatory Consultancy service

...seeAsKidComputerGAMER - playfull experience through very problematicly constructed games. She would experience class and agressive behaviour as a norm.  

...seeAsMediaSoftwareCONSUMER - got used to pay for software very early on and later continued considering this continuosly as necessary...she is lazy to switch to other software and comodifies to what ever is supporting her productivity workflow. She asumes passive role in that process.

...seeAsDependentNervousExcitableUSER - addictive and often nervous, with wide range of emotional reactions to use of software bouncing metaphores. In terms of free software she is mostly feeling intimidated and often frustrated with racial/gendered issues of USA FLOSS community. She used command line in very few times at exceptional occassions.

...seeAsFacebookTwitterInstagramUSER - 2003 early FB adopter (via Hardward boyfriend), but has mixed feelings about its use (necessity)...traumatic experience of PizzaGate (social media - alt-news)...

...seeAsSeasonalWEBMASTER - several times used and forgot HTML/CSS and use it not so often. Likely as it is not exciting enough.

        - consider investing time in learning about real-time generative media scripting
        - consider establishing proactive and collective relation to learning with others about FLOSS (to foster self-organizning/empowerment)
        - intuition can not just outsourcing, it needs also training, self-reflection and loging  

# RelationalObservatoryInterviewGuide

### What kind of user would you say you are?
dependent, nervous and in moment exitable.
i cannot go through my daily activities without engaging with multiple softwares application.
### How much does that make you nervous
i cannot control. Anxiety.
### What is your most frequently used type of software?
### How often do you install/experiment/learn new software?

### what is your first recollection of your software use ?
either organ trail a game of the 1980's. Or at school around the same time, with a turtle. It was a terrible colonial kind of game. If you are poor you are more likely to die.
### feeling at the time ?
i enjoyed it. Shooting buffalos and squirrels. i was interested in projectile projection. the choice was difficult. If you choose to be rich you were more likely to live but the game was boring.
### how often do you/when did you purchase software or pay software service?
i did not did that until i was in college. I used to buy disks i think. the software were i think provided by my parents. I only do it when it's necessary.
### what do you pay for now
final cut pro. now my school they pay for almost the software i use. Ms office, adobe suite. I think i pay for music through spotify, i pay for netflix. I don't pay for email exept through adverising. i pay for storage.

## ethics
### What is the software feature you care for the most ?
i feel hypocritical the lazyness thing. ms word. i've tried for other word processing software. Exchangeability are a feature that is much needed. Pdf is my favorite. Formats are my concern. I wish i could have sharable pdf comments, some etherpad for pdf. Most of my students uses .doc, docx, google doc, pages.
### Do you use any free software ?
not much. you could feel intimadating. i've talked about it for sometimes, but i'm not confortable with the gendered race context where free software happens in the us. but i've not engaged technicly.
#Do you pay for media distribution/streaming services ?
spotify, netflix
### do you remember your first attempt at using free software and how did that make you feel?
### do you use one of this software service : facebook, dating app (grindr of sort), twitter, instagram or equivalent.
fb, twi, inst.
### how do you feel about it
fb is really funny. I've joined in 2003. the boy i was dating was on it, and it was interesting to see the changes overtime. Mixed feelings. I've move every year or two for almost twenty year it's a way of staying in contact with people. Especially as it is used in the art world. curators contact you through it. i use all the privacy possibilities.

### Can you talk about your favorite apps or webtools that you use regularly?
###  What is most popular software your friends use ?

if yes than
### do you remember your first attempt at using this software service ? Do you still use it ? If not why ?

## skill
### would you say you are a specilised user ?
here answer
## have you ever use command line ?
yes but i could count time on my hands. I did not know that what i was probably doing in high school was probably command line.
## do you know about scripting ?
i know some.
## have you ever modify a html page ? a css ? a php ? a .conf ?
yes. I've build some. Relearn. Forget. Relearned.
### Can you talk about your most technical encounter with your telephone ?
i jailbroke my first iphone. i wanted to set something differently. there was something that i wanted to do with my first android and that's when i realised i was lazy, i adapt rather than try to modify it. I have a strong experience in protecting phone screens.

## how do you pay for your software use ?
please elaborate
examples -> do you buy the software ? / contribute in kind / deliver services or support
## what is the last software you did pay for using ?
## what online services are you paying for ?
## is someone paying for your use of service ?

## personal

### What stories around contracts and administration in relation to your software internet or computer ?
### How does software help you shape your relations with other people ?
it facilitates maintainance, creation, communication. Phone calls. I live in a distance to the people i love most. i use all this phone apps. with different level of security depending of where there are living. I like speaking. Telephone. That communication capacity becomes a requirement, an expectation ,it becomes a lot of labor to set up my own boundary.
### From which countries does your softwares live / is coming from? How do you feel about that?
jesus. so many. india, china for sure. what part of the world the software does not comes from today. United states.
### Have you ever read a term of software service that is not targeting american market?
yes, i think i have.
i see vague. that's a good question. when i lived in holland. I don't pay attention i think. I decide if i trust or not. And i construct my trust through people who i trust. And big corporations.

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# Agile Sun Salutation

# Continuous integration

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