### Name of the Software Curious Person:


### Situation:

keeps on running out of space - has a computer
lack of storage vs too much info!!

### Description of situation at hand:

when she gets the alert no more disk space

### Directed to Services:

agile sun salutation


file therapy

### Total time available:


### Estimated Time for service:


### What would be a outcome:

what happened to the dream of the infinite tape machine? we lost the way

### Evaluation
processes are the problem, running empty file creates massive amount of data
all data clutters hard disk
files look the problem, but the processes ate her hard disk

    someone massaged her hands, great
    was in the elevator about to leave, but software flowchart person was not there

Agile Sun Salutation: amazing, efficiency & relaxation coming together, transcending experience

### Exit status:
NOT DONE, space remains a problem
will come back with hard disk

 ### Can this file be published:

(if NO, print file says 'the file has been deleted')


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# Rsoc - Relational software observatory Consultancy service

# "What is it like to be an elevator?"

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# File therapy

#Process Invocation

Sedyst's problem is that of running out of space on her computer. She wants to know what's the reason. They told her its 'infinite'. Whats the problem with files? why the file rethoric is so prominent.Unix's 'Everything is a file' philosophy as a problematic, instrumental approach to computing. Sedyst: Like it goes from 'ile to file automagically'?Yes! the process disappears! and what we are left is an abstraction. Excercize (grep process); We have a look at how the OS and this softwrae realte to each other (strace). 
Why is this file obsession? it has to do with a problematic conception of time; a kind of 'freezing time' economy. The tradition brought up by the 'beauty and the beast', thi spragmatism maybe is also linked to Unix's philosophy. There is no aware of this different levels if you flatten everyting. But ther is still a hierarchy... But again, maybe different layers of different hyerarchies maybe? The will to power of possession gives us trouble in understanding time. What is happening with recent shift of computing moving to services, making files actually disappear? They are again very much time oriented, with no fixation. BUt, everything is getting filed, firstlty yourself! Whats an app? somehing that files you, somehow? 
On one side, according to Sadyst's perspective, that could be a less-problematic scenario, a liberation. But, maybe there is a difference between data and file? Can a database be considered a file? Maybe yes, so we are back to start. So a good question is what is the difference-relation between files and services? Maybe think of it through this problematic idea of 'empowering'.
About services: etherpad is a service. Problem in the database: the dfatabase is not processable as a file; so to open it you to look at it, so you turn it into data. But, did we do that because of the Unix philosophy or else? What we think about databases? data or file? file or process? Database: Holeriths punchcards: physical and location specific. More and more the cards become something that potentilally can do anything and that increases the level of abstraction...is that maybe leading to our conception of database...? Is it about pre-rocessing or post-processing? Hans: post-processing...
Sedyst: there is an issue of order, an issue of time and an issue of process, that are 3 very different things...

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