Name of the Software Curious Person: Rafaella


currently having problems with (don’t hate me about microsoft word…its quite problematic because each time I try to copy and paste the program just crashes. there are a lot of things so I cannot change the program so it would take too much time.

have tried to pass from microsoft word to open office but have problems with tables and notes. everything that is autoamitsed.

Description of situation at hand:

skills: its hard for me to switch programs when I begin with one program. its the same with operating systems. busy user

Directed to Services: Flow of the Chart

Total time available: 15

Estimated Time for service: 15

What would be a outcome:

If I could find a real answer to my problem. I am more here to experiment.


visit did meet expectation in flowchart station she got ideas on how to solve the problem favourite station was file therapy: downloaded phd, started to write with Microsoft word, nightmare to change to libre office all footnotes, zotero links transferred was a mess beautiful image of Phd compared ot phd of someone else, with opposite situation: started in Libre Office, had to change to word nice to see frmo other perspective, listen to sound scape, fun it is not a technical solution, but made her seen it in another way

Agile Sun Salutation: first service, fun, interesting because it was entrance to whole set-up the things she was saying made her think about other issues, like workflow, a lot of times we're trapped in working with machines (postures of the body, pains...)

Future Blobservation: it was creepy, did not know that someone would touch her hand with gloves, feeling of the rubber was not nice, not human if she would have felt the skin, would have been different was more like having sex with a condom

Exit status:

DONE Agile yoga was quite fun.

### Can this file be published: YES - but not the file of Phd thesis, please delete (if NO, print file says 'the file has been deleted')


Something In The Middle Maybe (SiTMM)

Rsoc - Relational software observatory Consultancy service

"What is it like to be an elevator?"

Interface Détournement

File therapy

Rafaella has a problem with Microsoft Word. Each time she tries to copy large amounts of text the program crashes. She has been using it for so long because she is writing her PhD and all the numbers and figures are disappearing if she changes the program. Luckily, Lonneke has had a similar experience and she has emerged victorious. The suggested treatments are twofold: either attacking the problem at the root, looking at the move command, or opening up her PhD. She chooses the latter. She tries to download the document from her Google drive. Google does not trust our computer. Rafaella is required to proof her identity with her phone. We do not know about the relationship between her, the phone and Google, but it seems to be a close one. We show Rafaella what the machine can read of her thesis as opposed to her thesis supervisors. Lidia reveals her Portuguese identity when the conflict with Martino’s keyboard escalates. Her thesis is about citizen participation and public space. This is clearly visible under closer pixel inspection. We produce the X-ray. Lonneke recommends an extirpation procedure, but Rafaella is very attached to the file. The X-ray looks surprisingly distinctive. Lonneke prints the X-ray of her thesis about interventions that make surveillance public. References, number of figures, all of these details are scrambled. Sound therapy is recommended to sooth the copying process. She now sees the problem under a new light. We compare the thesises. The difference is striking, Lonneke’s has less disturbance. The pixels run longer on Rafaella’s. We think the reason for this is that Lonneke has included photographs. She seems satisfied.

Agile Sun Salutation

Continuous integration

Techno-galactic software walk-in clinic Reception


Future Blobservation Booth




Flow of the chart - chart of the flow on demand!