**Name of the Software Curious Person:** Pill
**Situation:** general curiosity, how the material and immaterial relate to each other
**Description of situation at hand:**
How do the hierarchies relate to each other, how can I investigate the relationship between the two? 
I am supportive of questioning the reality of software.
I have a technical understanding, I come from a different background also Is there a service where I can find a way to understand software technically but also relate software a broader and political question.

Sending to Agile Yoga

**What would be a outcome** To be aware of software, live with software in a different way, use and not be used by software. Spread the gospel of the critique of software.

**Total time available:** 6 hours
**Estimated Time for service:** 1 hour


# Flowchart

![flowchart for Alis P. Hacker]( http://etherbox.local/home/pi/images/thursday/138875.jpg )

# Fortune Telling

# Something in the middle maybe

# Personalised Nannyware

# Local Time Service

# Interface Detournement

# Agile Yoga

# File therapy

# Relation Observatory Guide

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