Name of the Software Curious Person: Lotte


I hate this phone.

Description of situation at hand:

I hate the software the software on this phone. It doesn't do, it is not reliable, it doesn't help me, it shuts down, it is frustrating.

Directed to Services:

Agile Sun Salutation
File Therapy

Total time available: 5 (because it is agile) / 10

Estimated Time for service: 5/20

What would be a outcome:

reinstall this phone, it doesn't have to work as expected after the installation.


situation is not solved, relieve exercices are done, but final state (cannot open image) clarified situation Highlights: yes, she got output of twitter account

Agile Yoga: excellent: soothing to hear combination of relacation and productivity Fortune Blobservartion: scary, but interesting; put hand in slot without knowing what was at the other hand but machine was taking care

Exit status:

visit is DONE, but not the process

### Can this file be published: NO 'the file is stored to be deleted')


Something In The Middle Maybe (SiTMM)

Rsoc - Relational software observatory Consultancy service

"What is it like to be an elevator?"

Interface D├ętournement

File therapy

Agile Sun Salutation

Continuous integration

Techno-galactic software walk-in clinic Reception


Future Blobservation Booth




Flow of the chart - chart of the flow on demand!