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.partilaly I’m a developer so I am curious to look at the relevance of software. or of myself developing software. curious to explore relationship to software as a developer. the self develop tools. and how the self develops tools and how other people use.

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reflection after flowchart experience: wrapping personal experience into tool for others: how to think about audience, is it about education or a distilled way of working,

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yes, helpful started with flow of charts, interesting reflection on recognizing moment that you take personal relationship with own software, trying to turn into tool for someone else, kind of question that moment brings it forces you to choose whether you want to educate people or privde an efficient workflow tool, this would involve user testing/prototyping also for people I'm working with, it is dilemma: what is most productive way of people, providing with tool/knowledge

Highlights? yes, nice coffee, very much enjoyed the sprint part of Agile Yoga Firtune Blobservice: disturbing, doesn't want to tell why

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Has to leave because of time constraints

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