Name of the Software Curious Person:


general curiosity

Description of situation at hand:

Looking through curiosities to decide which services to direct the SCP to. Interested in the future of software. Putting the body in the same time as software.

Directed to Services:

Future Blobservation Booth
Agile Sun Salutation

Total time available: 10 minutes

Estimated Time for service: 10-12 minutes

What would be a outcome:

curiosity and knowledge.


He saw four things, there is a lot of humour it looks like it is serious, but it is a big critique, I like that

Comments on Agile Sun Salutation: traditional kine, but the doctor speaks (usually they speak about football, was very interesting, nice critic) Future Blobservation: time machine

Exit status:


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Something In The Middle Maybe (SiTMM)

Rsoc - Relational software observatory Consultancy service

"What is it like to be an elevator?"

Interface D├ętournement

File therapy

Agile Sun Salutation

Continuous integration

Techno-galactic software walk-in clinic Reception


Future Blobservation Booth




Flow of the chart - chart of the flow on demand!